Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship 2022 Application

Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship

Students who meet the requirements may now apply to Flinders University for an Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

About Flinders University

In Adelaide, South Australia, there is a public university called Flinders University.

It was established in 1966, and navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and mapped the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century, was honored in its name.

The Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (ICAS) was created by the Commonwealth government and Flinders University to help indigenous students with the costs of housing and/or moving while attending Flinders University.

Aim and Benefits of Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship

The amount of annual financing from the Commonwealth government will decide the number of ICAS that are made accessible each year. Each scholarship will be worth $7500 per year and be paid in two $3750 installments.

Requirements for Scholarship 

All applicants for scholarships must:

1. be of Torres Strait Islander or Australian Aboriginal descent; and

2. Claim to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in Australia; and

3. be acknowledged by the community in which they currently or formerly lived as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and

4. Normally be enrolled full-time at Flinders University in the Foundation Studies program, an undergraduate or postgraduate course of study; and

5. Be permanently residing in one of Australia’s Inner, Outer, Remote, or Very Remote regions, as determined by the Australian Standard Geographic Classification (ASGC); and

6. Have migrated in accordance with Section 2.10.15 of the Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines (Education) 2010 to pursue study; and

7. Not be a recipient of a Relocation Scholarship (offered to beneficiaries of ABSTUDY and Youth Allowance); and

8. Not be eligible to receive the ABSTUDY residential costs reimbursement.


Application Deadline

12 August 2022

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